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Glacier Lagoon Jökulsárlón                      

Icelandic Flag

May we introduce ourselves to you? We are an agency that works exclusively via Internet. We do not hold any traditional travel agency in a shop or store. We do not publish any advertisements or high lustre catalogues. From these economies you gain advantage: Our travels are beautiful and impressive and at the same time not very expensive!

Volcanoes Baula and litla Baula

On these pages we want to show you the breathtaking beauty of Iceland, the land of fire and ice. We also want to offer you the short trips and longer travels of our tour organizing company.

Beach of Djúpalónssandur and the glaciated Volcano Snæfellsjökull

Our tour organizer and coordinator is the travel-agency Víkingaslóðir, which means Viking Trails, Fannafold 165, 112 Reykjavík, Iceland. On the page "Our Team" you can read more about Fjallagras as the mediator and Viking Trails as the organizer of all travels. You can read there about the management and staff, about our experience and practical knowledge, and last but not least about the licence granted by the Icelandic Tourist Board.

American Embassy in Reykjavík

The business and travel terms of the Viking Trails Company are valid for all travels we offer. You can have a look at them at the page "Business Terms".

One of many Houses in the Museum of local History Árbær

Little Haven of Arnarstapi

Many a one has travelled to Iceland to see our island at the Arctic Circle, in the farthest north-western Europe. All the years that we have guided travellers around Iceland, we have never met one who regretted visiting our country. But caution! Many of our guests have become enchanted, some even addicted.

Waterfall Ófærufoss in Eldgjá Ravine, Highlands

If you are not scared but curious and expectant now, keep on reading. We show you around, we take you to an imaginary trip so that you get a vivid picture of our beautiful homeland called the island of fire and ice.

Pseudocraters of Skútustaðir, Lake Mývatn

Before our imaginary trip begins: Put your swim suit into your carry-on. All around Iceland there are places to take a bath in a hot spring, even in wintertime, even in the highlands. And this geothermal water is very healthy for your skin.

Blue Lagoon, Reykjanes Peninsula

Everywhere on Iceland you can discover places which bear witness of the history of Iceland, which was settled by the Vikings more than 1100 years ago. A few decades ago people still lived in houses with walls made of peat and roofs made of grass sods. Some of these old farms you can visit as museums nowadays. Worth knowing: This kind of houses you can find nowhere in the world but on Iceland!

Skógar, Museum of local History

The old Icelanders had a very hard life. Iceland lies on a hot spot and is one of the most active volcanic regions in the world. Big areas of Iceland have been devasted again and again. Poisonous ashes and streams of lava buried farms, villages and whole landscapes. As a result of this people and their livestock died and great districts became contaminated barren deserts, often for decades. Epidemics and famines were the order of the day for the old Icelanders. But they never abandoned their country. They would never have been disposed to leave their homeland. They held together. So they managed to survive - which seems like a miracle!

Highland Desert Sprengisandur

Iceland is rich in glaciers. The biggest Icelandic glacier Vatnajökull is the third biggest one in the world after Antarctic and Greenland. In many places glaciers dominate the landscape.

Glacier Lagoon and Vatnajökull Glacier

On the glacier lagoons you can observe fascinating floating icebergs, which broke off the glaciers. You can go by boat right in between them. It is an amphibious vehicle, which you can enter on the bank - even in a wheelchair.

One of the Boats of the Glacier Lagoon

On Iceland you find also many active volcanoes. And you can see volcanic activities all around the island. On the one hand there are the overwhelming volcanoes themselves.

Glaciated Volcano Snæfellsjökull - He´s Magic!

On the other hand there are geysers and sulphur springs, hot springs, extraordinary lava formations, endless deserts of lava, fields of sulphur, craters and lakes in some of the craters.

Lake of Volcano Krafla, called Víti (Hell)

Several volcanic phenomena you can observe only on Iceland and nowhere else in the world!

Seltún, Fields of Sulphur and Sulphur Springs

Especially on the south coast there are greats sands, which have their origin in volcanic eruptions under glaciers. From these subglacial eruptions spring incredible floods of melted ice. Their name is "jökulhlaup" and one could translate it as "glacier-flow". This phenomenon exists nowhere in the world except on Iceland.

Our Bus between the Icebergs after the Glacier-Flow

During the glacier-flow in the year 1996 the quantity of water of the river Skeiðará increased within a few hours from 70 to 45 000 cubic metres per second. The National Street No. 1 was destroyed.

National Street No. 1 after the Glacier-Flow. The Bridge is gone, Icebergs in the Background.

Iceland is located on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Therefore you can see deep rifts in many places where the two great continental plates of North America and Eurasian drift apart. Here you can stand with one foot on the American and with the other foot on the European continent.

Waterfall Öxarárfoss in Iceland´s most famous Rift Þingvellir

You should be careful in regions with high volcanic activity. But with us you can dare to explore them, because we know them inside out. We will not forget to inform you about unknown dangers. You can be sure that our experienced guides will lead you safely through this great adventure.

Hot Springs of Seltún

The beautiful waterfalls and torrential rivers of Iceland are numberless. One of them is Dettifoss, the biggest waterfall in Europe. It's volume is usually about 700 cubic metres per second - peak value is even 1500 cubic metres per second.

Waterfall Dettifoss in the north-eastern Highlands

Our thundering glacial rivers have cut their river bed deep into the basalt rocks. In this way they formed impressive gorges and canyons.

Canyon Jökulsárgljúfur of the River Jökulsá á Fjöllum

On Iceland there is a continuous change between cloudy sky, fog, sunshine and rain. Therefore the landscape looks always different and new. Yes, rain happens. But it disappears so quickly that there is a proverb for Icelandic weather. Icelanders say: "You don't like the weather? Wait a moment!"

Pond Bakkatjörn, Seltjarnarnes

Actually it is just that change between light and shadow, between sun and clouds, which creates the very special attraction of our landscapes and puts our guests unter a very special spell. It wouldn't be Iceland, if there was warm sunshine all the time.

Fog at Lake Mývatn

Our environment is clean. We don't have any acid rain or air pollution. From our volcanic island we get all the energy we need.

Hot Water for Reykjavík comes from Nesjavellir

Except for our relatively few cars we need neither mineral oil nor natural gas or coal. Fortunately we have water power and geothermal energy in abundance at our disposal. Hot water for our bathrooms and the heating system is directly lead from the depth of the earth into our houses.

The Pearl contains hot Water Tanks for the City

There is not a living soul in the central highlands, except a couple at the weather station of Hveravellir.

Natural hot Bathing Pond in Hveravellir 

Even in some populated parts of Iceland the density of population is so low that one can hardly believe it. In the eastern fiords for example live 0,5 inhabitants per square kilometre.

In the eastern Fiords

In the north-western fiords live 0,7 inhabitants per square kilometre. Picturesque lonely fiords, which are surrounded by majestic mountains, are characteristic for both parts of the country.

Cotton Grass in the north-western Fiords

The Icelandic north-western fiords are the outermost West of Europe. Here, as in numberless other places on Iceland, there are steep coasts and cliffs, where millions of seabirds breed every year.

Puffin in the north-western Fiords

Icelandic horses are known all over the world. Without these horses Icelanders would never have been able to colonize this impassable island. Nowadays children even learn at school: "The Icelandic horse ist the most loyal and trusty servant of man!" You can go on horseback with farmers and breeders.

Icelandic Horses

Or do you only want to observe the landscape and nature, flora and fauna? Or are you perhaps a golfer? We have many golf courses on Iceland, and foreign visitors may play there for low taxes. The "Arctic Open" in Akureyri at summer solstice is also very interesting. There you play golf under the midnight sun on the most northern 18 hole golf course in the world.

Golf Course Vatnsleysuströnd

Now we finish our little imaginary trip. Maybe you can imagine Iceland now a little bit better. Or maybe you knew Iceland already and found something new here? Wouldn't you like to visit us? There are so many beautiful wonders of nature to show you.

Beach Cavern, Vík, South Coast

And there is so much to tell you about our fascinating history and geology, about sagas and old Viking heroes, about glaciers and volcanoes, about the country and it's people, about elves and trolls.

These rocky Cliffs are bewitched Trolls

There is so much to tell you about our good and fresh food (you better try it yourself), about our fascinating old mother tongue, about the Northern Lights and  the midnight sun...

Midnight Sun at Lake Mývatn

We will tell you about all this during our coach tour, while you are watching our beautiful landscape. Additionally, you will see, how friendly the Icelanders are. Maybe this is because they are only a few people, who live very isolated (except in Reykjavík) and who live so far away from other countries. In any case - they are wonderful people.

We look forward to seeing you here on Iceland!

Ingólfur Arnarson, first Settler of Iceland

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